Wednesday, December 12 2012

KFA Pioneers 101-Square-Foot Apartments


For Efficiency / In response to market demand, KFA has developed Very Small Units (VSUs) to be built in designated specific plan areas for a targeted population. Developed by SC LLC, the small units will not be subject to the California building or accessibility codes since they lie outside the state’s jurisdiction. Parking will be on a 1 to 1 E/R ratio. The project will be heated and cooled by means of a geothermal heat pump that uses the earth as a heat reservoir since the project location will only receive sunlight half of the year and solar wouldn’t be cost effective.

“We are planning a walkable, sustainable, and affordable housing development that will house not only our employees, but also retirees and qualified family members,” noted project spokesman R. N. Rudolf. Two and three bedroom units at 125 and 145 square feet respectively will also be offered.

“We Elves just can’t find decent housing,” said a workshop foreman. “That darn Claus expects us to work around the clock, but we need a place to sleep too.”

KFA principal Barbara Flammang noted that it is not the size of units that matter but the quality of design. “You would be surprised at what we can accomplish with very small bathroom fixtures (VSBFs) and thoughtfully arranged throw pillows. And, at a one reindeer per Elf ratio, the parking cost comes way down.”