Sunday, April 15 2012

$50 Million Urban Retreat Set for Valley


The 308-unit Ferrara Apartments, started in 2008, is back under construction with a new owner and a fresh outlook.  KFA is working with owner Alliance Residential Company on a significant makeover of the project.

Just blocks from the Metro Line terminus and downtown North Hollywood, Ferrara will offer a luxurious lifestyle for tenants seeking an urban experience but with ample space and amenities.

The large 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments feature spacious bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and walk-in closets.  Two large courtyards include amenities such as outdoor dining and bar areas, pools, sunning cabanas, and an outdoor movie venue.  KFA worked with landscape architect Design Studio Ma to develop a theme for the building that sought to define a spa-like retreat in the heart of the Valley.

“After a lot of exploration, we developed a theme and imagery that merged with the marketing concept, based on coolness and shade, and we let these images guide all design decisions,” said KFA Project Manager John Arnold.  Frosted guardrails, a fresh green and pale yellow color scheme and intricately patterned sunshades were included in the building’s palette inside and out.

Alliances approach to leasing revolves around giving tenants a total immersion experience into a living environment, starting from their first step inside the project.  KFA worked with alliance from the beginning of their branding process to seamlessly integrate the architectural design in to the overall marketing concept.