Tuesday, December 04 2012

KFA Develops Innovative SGP Construction System


For Good Taste/ KFA is pioneering a new building system that will help projects meet the strict requirements of the new California Edibility Code that takes effect in January of 2013. Called SGP, or structural gingerbread panels, it is a combination of rigid baked pre-formed components and a sugar-based high-strength polymer fastener.

“SGP construction is well suited to Los Angeles because the dry climate keeps the buildings from getting too moist,” stated Wade Killefer who is heading up the research team, “Additionally the panels are locally baked, which lends a certain freshness to the designs along with qualifying for LEED points.” A recent breakthrough came with applying an egg glaze before baking, which plays a dual purpose as a water-resistant barrier and an anti-graffiti coating.

SGP panels are particularly conducive for use with popular contemporary cladding systems, such as gumdrops and candy canes. “We’ve had some issues fine-tuning the specifications as the system is still new to most contractors. At one project we called for papaya Jelly Belly roofing, and we got CVS-brand orange jelly beans. It’s a learning curve for all of us, but we think the system has great promise,” noted Killefer. The cost of materials is expected to go down after New Year’s, making it an attractive alternative for hungry developers. Stay tuned…