Tuesday, October 04 2011

Major Expansion for Restaurant


How about this for a bullish outlook in an uncertain economy?

Bel Air Bar & Grill owner Susan Lord will be adding 50% more space to the upscale Brentwood restaurant, plus a two-level 7,500-square-foot office building.

Although the existing building and new construction will be separate structures, the innovative design by KFA creates the impression that the former and new buildings are one.

“A major thrust of the design strategy was to create a project that would be a Sepulveda landmark in this heavily trafficked location – across from the Morega onramp to the 405 freeway-” explained KFA principal Barbara Flammang. “In addition, the design supports marketing and branding objectives.”

The major element of this strategy is the two-story entry lobby, dramatized by a full-height glass curtain wall, that will link the two structures and provide separate entries for the restaurant, and the office building, related Flammang.

Created by artist Amanda Weil, the compelling glass wall projects a profusion of translucent red bougainvillea visible to passing traffic as well as restaurant visitors.

Interior highlights include a new 2,050-square-foot second floor addition to the restaurant, including a 1,100-square-foot dining area for private events.

The exterior of the building, notes project architect Monica Rodriguez, is clad in porcelain tile, plaster and metal panels.

The small contemporary office building, which is being built to attain a LEED silver rating, is flooded with natural light – a feature highly desired by owner Lord, who will occupy the second level. Lord has owned the restaurant since 2007.