1641 Lincoln

Santa Monica, CA

  • Client : Cypress Equity Partners
  • Size : 47,030 SF / 66 Units
  • Project Type(s) : Multi-Family / Mixed Use Housing


  • The design of 1641 Lincoln draws inspiration from the old Pacific Electric Railroad and Santa Monica Red Line, whose right of way bounded the northern property line of the project. Maps of this part of Santa Monica show a clear grid shift to accommodate the tracks, a nod to the industrial history of the City.
  • The building is conceived as a single mass that gets broken apart and rotated around a pivot point to align with the rail line. At the ground level, the façade is rotated slightly in the opposite direction to create a wider sidewalk and enhanced pedestrian experience along Lincoln Blvd.
  • Continuous balconies on the upper floors establish a horizontal reading of the façade, the “rails” of the train, and elongated frames, the “boxcars” of the train, divide private balconies and provide separation from the street.
  • Exterior materials include board formed concrete, reclaimed wood siding, metal panels and textured glass.
NEIGHBORHOOD FAVORITE : City-Santa Monica Animal Shelter

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