601 Wilshire

Santa Monica, CA

  • Client : WS Communities
  • Size : 32,200 / 40 Units
  • Project Type(s) : Multi-Family / Mixed-Use Housing


  • 601 Wilshire takes its place as a compelling urban statement along the 16-mile Boulevard that stretches from Downtown LA to Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.
  • The design is organized around two strong horizontal bands that move boldly across the façade. The lower band floats above the ground floor, creating a protective overhand over the retail areas, and the upper band caps the residential units below. The bands are angled to open up to the glassy corner at 6th Street, which is carved back to create a space for outdoor café seating.
  • Vertical copper screen elements, suspended between the bands, address solar heat gain, provide privacy to the residents, and present a shimmering façade to passers-by on Wilshire Boulevard.
NEIGHBORHOOD FAVORITE : Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

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