7500 Sunset East & West

West Hollywood, CA West Hollywood

  • Client : Faring Capital
  • Cost : TBD
  • Size : 168,509 SF / 94 Units; 127,050 SF / 142 Units
  • Completion Date : TBD
  • Project Type(s) : Multifamily / Mixed-Use Housing


  • KFA is designing two projects on Sunset Bl across Sierra Bonita from each other. The projects have a total of approximately 220 units of housing, including 19 affordable units.
  • The architecture of the two proejcts is different, but complimentary. The lower three floors reference the surrounding scale and slightly more traditional forms with a regular bay pattern of doors and windows and a stone treatment. The upper two stories depart form this aesthetic to provide a strong contrast to the street wall with a dark colored, possibly metal siding facade with an asymmetrical pattern of windows, doors and balconies set back 15 feet form the lower floors.
  • The retail frontage, pedestrian experience, exterior spaces and roof decks are very important to the overall design of the buildings.