Commodore Apartments

Los Angeles, CA Hollywood

  • Client : Wilshire Skyline
  • Size : 53,323 SF / 73 Units
  • Project Type(s) : Multi-Family / Mixed-Use Housing, Historic Adaptive Reuse


  • The Commodore is a beautiful 5 story apartment building originally built in 1928 to house aspiring actors and actresses coming to LA to make their name in the movie business.
  • KFA is thoughtfully restoring the project to its former beauty, removing bad 1960s additions and revealing lots of original details, including an entry portico that has not been seen for about 50 years.
  • The units, even though they are small and mainly studios, all have large closets, dressing areas with built in drawers and make up counters, breakfast nooks and other details typical of the era.
  • The landscape around the building is being carefully remodeled to provide seating areas, a dog run and a BBQ area.
NEIGHBORHOOD FAVORITE : Hollywood Walk of Fame

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