The Bend

Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles River / Glassell Park

  • Client : Terra River, LLC
  • Cost : $8.1M
  • Size : 45,950 SF / 40 units
  • Completion Date : 2017
  • Project Type(s) : Multi-Family / Mixed-Use Housing, Historic Adaptive Reuse, Master Plan Campus Projects


  • The Bend, a new mixed-use campus adjacent to the Los Angeles River, respects the context of the existing Frogtown neighborhood. The project re-uses an existing 8,000 SF bow-truss warehouse building, built in 1947, and the new four-story building is stepped back 60-90 feet form the river.
  • Studios and 3-bedroom units, envisioned to be live/work spaces, are arranged in a U-shape around a landscaped courtyard.
  • Located near the Glendale Narrows, the part of the river that has a natural, earthen bottom, The Bend will afford residents an easy path for biking along and kayaking in the Los Angeles River. The project tears down an existing 8’ high concrete block wall along the river, opening up the re-purposed warehouse to the water and bike path.