Pico Eleven

Santa Monica, CA / Santa Monica

  • Client : Pico Eleven LLP
  • Cost : $12M
  • Size : 33,000 SF / 32 units
  • Completion Date : 2018
  • Project Type(s) : Multi-Family / Mixed-Use Housing


  • Located on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica, Pico Eleven includes 4 very low income units and 11 price regulated units. It is designed as three distinct masses, broken up by two large courtyards, and nearly all of the units have windows on three sides to allow for ample cross ventilation and natural light.
  • Inspiration for the building’s design and aesthetics comes from beach houses commonly found along the California coastline. The majority of the façade will consist of natural wood siding, which will weather to a soft gray over the first few years, and panels of ocean blue glass tiles are sprinkled irregularly throughout the building.
NEIGHBORHOOD FAVORITE : Santa Monica Swim Center

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