Janet L. Witkin Center

West Hollywood, CA West Hollywood

  • Client : Affordable Living for the Aging
  • Cost : $5.3M
  • Size : 16,330 SF
  • Completion Date : 2014
  • Project Type(s) : Senior and Special Needs Housing, Affordable Housing


  • The Janet L. Witkin Center provides new homes for low-income and formerly homeless seniors in a supportive community environment.
  • The challenge of incorporating critical community spaces on a small site necessitated finding unique opportunities for social gathering throughout the project. A large central community room was designed on the ground floor to open up in to the central, south-facing courtyard and create a light and airy space.
  • Universally designed spaces support all residents regardless of ability, strength or physical function. Features in the Center’s private and communal spaces support seniors’ ability to age in place and remain independent. Unique accent colors and materials at different floors assist in creating recognizable visual and tactile cues that assist with orientation. A community garden and patio on the roof deck provides a more private area for social interaction and gives residents the opportunity to grow their own herbs and food.