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Hayworth House

West Hollywood, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation $5.4M 34,000 SF, 48 Units 2012

Hayworth House is a 34,000SF renovation of a vacant 48-unit apartment building, built in the 1950’s, to affordable senior housing serving the West Hollywood community. The two driving forces in the design were serving the needs of the senior population and keeping the building a cohesive part of the neighborhood. To achieve these goals, we focused on accessibility, community areas, project identity and sustainability. All units at the first floor were made accessible by raising the courtyards and entry paths and by adding two elevators to connect to the lower floor parking. We also added a central breezeway to complete the interior circulation path, which was lacking in the building’s original design.

The front yard of the project was transformed from an uninviting, sparsely-planted berm to a variety of exterior spaces, including a large front porch outside the new community room. The front porch gives the project a distinct identity within the neighborhood, and gives the residents a protected social area with a visual connection to the street and surrounding community.

A community garden and patio at the rear of the site adjacent to the resident’s lounge provides a more private area for social interaction and gives residents the opportunity to grow their own herbs and food.


Café Om

Café Om

This hidden treasure in West Hollywood provides a comfy environment for enjoying coffee and pastries.