Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Heritage Group Development - 174,000 SF, 168 units 2007

The Chapman, designed in 1912 by Ernest McConnell, houses modern flats in a beautiful historic building.  Beaux Arts elements on the building’s ornamental corbels, large cornices and intricate details distinguish the Chapman in the Broadway neighborhood.

The U-shape of the historic building was ideal for conversion to loft housing.  Multiple exterior walls provide maximum light and ventilation to the units, creating bright and open living spaces.  Many of the building’s original marble-clad historic corridors were preserved and where possible, old mahogany doors were reused as entry doors.

The ground floor of the building was completely renovated for new retail spaces with expansive glass and articulated columns reminiscent of the original facade.  The historic entry lobby is clad with marble from the floor to its high ceilings and opens into a cascading staircase descending from above.  Residents can enjoy views of Broadway from the building’s roof, which includes a jacuzzi and outdoor lounging areas with fireplaces and shade structures.




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