Thai New Year FestivalThai New Year Festival

LaKretz Villas

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Related Companies of California with PATH Ventures $4M 21,400 SF, 49 Units 2012

Located on formerly vacant land in the Vermont/Beverly Station Neighborhood Plan area, LaKretz Villas provides housing and support services for the homeless.The sloping site is one block from a Metro subway stop, allowing residents easy access via public transportation.

The 49 single-room occupancy units are arranged in a C-shape around a courtyard that is open to the south, providing ample sunlight into the core of the project, as well as facing the project away from the Hollywood Freeway to the north. The generous courtyard features tree wells that support full-size trees in natural earth as well as providing rainwater runoff percolation into the water table. The building’s massing steps back from the street, and is articulated on all sides. The project has a LEED equivalency rating.


Thai New Year Festival

Thai New Year Festival

Hollywood Boulevard is closed down for The Thai New Year (Songkran) Festival, which is held every April.