New Genesis Apartments

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Skid Row Housing Trust $24.5 M 56,000 SF, 106 Units 2012

Located near the intersection of 5th and Main Streets, the New Genesis Apartments provides 106 efficiency units for low- and very low-income individuals who are often homeless in downtown Los Angeles. The six-story building is organized around a large courtyard, visible from the street, which helps to provide passive ventilation throughout the units. A generous area in the center of the subterranean parking is open to the earth, allowing for large trees and abundant landscaping to be planted in the courtyard above. The courtyard is further enhanced by a large community room, laundry area and multiple offices staffed by providers of supportive services for the residents.

Exterior materials include metal panels, fiber cement panels, cement plaster and basalt veneer tile. The Main Street frontage is enlivened by expansive glass at the commercial tenant spaces.

The New Genesis is a LEED Platinum certified project.




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