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Loyola Hannon/Ardolf Science Hall & Academic Center

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Loyola High School $20M 58,000 SF 2007

In 2000 Loyola High School began its Facilities Master Plan. Working with the school community, we generated multiple master plan schemes, and in the intervening years the historic Loyola and Ruppert Halls have been renovated and the Berendo Building has been transformed into a music and theater center.

The William H. Hannon Science Hall and Ardolf Academic Center is the first new building to be completed. This facility adds chemistry, physics, earth science and computer labs, a large lecture hall, general education classrooms, and counseling and administrative offices. The L-shaped structure provides the first corner of a large, tree-filled plaza where Loyola students gather and have lunch. Future phases will complete the quadrangle. The building’s subtle blend of red brick walls and dark grey slate roofing reflect the materials of the existing buildings, while tan precast concrete panels embedded with religious imagery combine with silver aluminum panels to provide a contemporary yet timeless design.


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