Euclid ParkEuclid ParkEuclid Park

Pluralistic School One

Santa Monica, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Pluralistic School One $4M 12,762 SF 2013

PS1, a private elementary school in Santa Monica, has expanded its campus to include a new multi-purpose space, administrative offices, meeting rooms and classrooms. The design of the new building had to accommodate numerous constraints – restrictive height limit and set back requirements, the need to align the second floor with the existing adjacent building, and the desire to maintain adequate play area and open space next to the multi-purpose space. The new building features a light filled extra-wide stairway to display student art work, and it is linked to the existing campus buildings by a second level walkway covered with photovoltaic panels.


Euclid Park

Euclid Park

If you are nearby PS#1 and would like a place to play, try Euclid park, located at 1514 Euclid Street.