CSUN Orange GroveCSUN Orange Grove

Mid-Valley Regional Library

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
City of Los Angeles $4.1M 28,000 SF 1995

The Mid-Valley Regional Library includes the district’s regional headquarters, a community meeting room, Friends of the Library bookstore and a bookmobile facility. The building, set in a neighborhood park, is organized in a cross axial format. At the important intersection of the building’s entry axis and organizing long central axis is the reference desk, and floating above is a stepped pyramid roof, glazed in cobalt blue tile and topped by a translucent skylight. Small windows punctuate the pyramid, which sparkle at night with quartz lighting.

At the north end of the axis is a light-filled reading area and clock tower, which announces the library to the street. At the south end is the children’s library, where a storyteller’s throne is positioned under a fanciful teepee and surrounded by an imaginative landscape mural.

Existing trees were replanted to provide a mature landscape along the major boulevard fronting the property and along walkways leading from the neighborhood. Since its construction in 1994, the Mid-Valley Regional Library has become the center of the community it serves and enjoys high-volume usage.


CSUN Orange Grove

CSUN Orange Grove

Feel free to pick your own oranges from this historic grove on the CSUN campus or join in the Big Pick program that donates the plentiful oranges to the non-profit food program, Food Forward.