Staples CenterStaples Center

Grand Lofts

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Lee Group and CIM Group $16M 125,000 SF, 66 Units 2005

The Grand Lofts project, located in South Park near the Staples Arena, is significant in its re-use of an existing four-story structure as the base for three additional stories of new steel construction. The original building was completed in 1927 as a warehouse for the Pepperdine Automotive Supply Business.

In order to bring natural light into the building, a courtyard was cut through all floors including the basement. This allowed for additional units and balconies, and created unique, light-filled two-story units at the basement and first levels. Vertical pilasters tie the old building and its detailing to the new structure above, and new pop-out elements on the east elevation provide distinctive spaces that float above the city below.


Staples Center

Staples Center

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