Highland Selma

Hollywood, CA

Client Cost Stats
Champion Real Estate Company - 470,800 SF, 248 Units

The Highland Selma Venture is a two-building development in the heart of Hollywood. The building at the corner of Highland and Selma features 134 units, a large landscaped deck, pool and amenity room. Its partner building at the corner of Selma and McCadden, consists of 114 units and is identified by a large, four-story opening in the facade. An extrusion of wood siding stretches across both buildings to bridge the 240 foot gap between them, and opens up at Highland as a friendly gesture to the murals at historic Hollywood High School, located across the street.

The retail base creates a rhythmic element along the streets, reinforced by columns, awnings and consistent signage placement which engages pedestrians and supports the massing above. The landscape design encourages active and passive gathering and is derived from historic Hollywood; it establishes a clear identity for the neighborhood and integrates the project into the fabric of the larger community.




Come visit this local club that is self-proclaimed as Hollywood’s best-kept secret since 1942.