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NMS @ La Cienega

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
NMS Properties $25M 121,000 SF, 125 Units 2014

NMS @ La Cienega is a five-story, 125-unit residential building along a major transit corridor in Los Angeles.

The design of the building changes in scale and style in response to the contextual influences of its commercial and residential surroundings. The facades along La Cienega and Westmount have clean, contemporary lines reinforced by simple, bold massing. The focal point of the design is a strong horizontal element that floats above the ground floor, peeling away as it approaches the corners to reveal open railed balconies and large areas of fenestration.

The sides and rear of the building are designed at a more intimate scale to be sensitive to the adjacent residential neighborhood. The mass is further broken down by the introduction of a large, two-tiered courtyard that extends deep into the building, and a walkway at the rear of the project features a landscaped buffer zone, seating areas and access to private patios.


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