The Micropolitan at Chandler

North Hollywood, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Micropolitan LLC TBD 141,334 SF / 82 Units 2017

The Micropolitan at Chandler is a 7-story, 82 unit TOD apartment building located in the heart of North Hollywood. The site is located across the street from the Metro Orange Line terminus, and one block from the Red Line terminus. The project sits at the north end of the expansive North Hollywood Park, giving the building a high profile from the park and verdant views to the south from the residential floors.

The project seeks to capitalize on its prime Central Park-like site by accentuating its vertical elements, creating a clean urban wall as a backdrop to the park. A podium plaza with a pool is carved out of the south elevation, opening the building to the park. A rooftop BBQ area and outdoor movie venue complete the amenities.