Sepulveda Basin Wildlife ReserveSepulveda Basin Wildlife ReserveSepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex Field House

Van Nuys, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
Land Images - 1,610 SF 2012

The field house is located in a large sports complex and community park and contains office space, restrooms, and storage areas. It serves as a meeting place as well as a gateway to the park, which contains open space and sports fields.

The design for this project is an exploration of one’s transition through an exterior space, and the impact of form on that experience. The procession through the center aisle of the Field House is a transition from an urban context into the lush, tree-filled parkland, and the use of utility poles sculpts this entry space. Inspired by Richard Serra’s use of massive forms to shape the procession through a space, the poles’ gentle undulation evokes the experience of walking through a forest in the presence of the wind, acknowledging a harmonious relationship between vertical elements and invisible forces.

The pavilions are solid masses of glazed concrete block, with steel channel roof framing elements that reach toward the poles; they are anchors that provide order to the series of poles splayed out from the ground. Built-in seating and game tables are shaded by the roof structure.


Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

Ringed by mountains, rivers and streams, the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve is haven for wildlife and humans alike, a welcome oasis within an urban setting.