Watts TowersWatts TowersWatts Towers

Broadwood Terrace

Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats
Retirement Housing Foundation $28.5 87,700 SF, 89 Units

Broadwood is an 89 unit low-income housing project for seniors at 50th and Main Streets in Central Los Angeles. Common areas including a community room, craft room and library/computer room are placed around a central courtyard, a focal point of activity which features generous landscaping, a large shade tree, and checkerboard and shuffleboard areas.

The massing of the building is broken up into a series of framed boxes created through overhangs and vertical fins. The frames capture a variety of materials including cement board lapped siding and exterior plaster.


Watts Towers

Watts Towers

Watts Towers needs no description. Just go. And you can even take the Blue Line to get there – it’s less than a quarter mile from the 103rd St. Station.