Alvarado Historic DistrictAlvarado Historic District


Los Angeles, CA

Client Cost Stats Date
AMCAL Multi-Housing, Inc. $11M 53,396 SF, 56 Units 2011

Mosaic Apartments is a 56-unit affordable housing development in the historic Pico Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. The genesis of the design came from the community itself: through a series of meetings, future residents expressed the desire to have seniors and families live together in one project,  but also wanted a degree of separation. This led to a long two-building scheme – seniors on one side, families on the other – with a landscaped paseo running between them from the front to the back of the building, connecting between two streets. The paseo is the central circulation court and gathering space for the project – a place for seniors to walk, children to play, and for everyone to interact. Both the developer and the residents also wanted the building to fit into the historic Craftsman residential architecture of the neighborhood, leading to a vocabulary of pitched roofs, traditional fenestration, and wood details.

The project is LEED Silver certified.


Alvarado Historic District

Alvarado Historic District

Unexpected and almost hard-to-find, this one-street historic district cuts the corner at Hoover and Pico – a string of eclectic, well-kept Victorian mansions, an island of Old LA steps away from the bustle of two major boulevards.