John Arnold, AIA



Master of Architecture
University of Washington, Seattle 

Bachelor of Science, Landscape Design
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John Arnold, AIA

Raised in the verdant historic charm of New England, John never imagined that he would become a resident and huge fan of Los Angeles, but here he is. With degrees in landscape design and architecture, John arrived in Southern California and at KFA in 1999 and hasn’t looked back, enjoying the opportunity to be involved in LA’s continuing growth and evolution. He has a deep interest in making existing cities better places to live at both the individual level and public level: designing good units, and setting them in a lively, diverse urban place.

John is also an active volunteer in his South LA neighborhood, helping out with planning and preservation issues, and is an advocate of native plants. A perfect day for John, when not saving the planet, is taking a long hike above 10,000 feet and coming back to LA for great Indian food.

Contact Info: 310.399.7975 ext. 208 |