Hollywood, CA

  • Client : Hollywood Community Housing Corp.
  • Cost : $18M
  • Size : 46,353 SF / 54 Units
  • Project Type(s) : Affordable Housing


  • Coronel Apartments is located on a complex site that spans two blocks in East Hollywood. Half the project is on Serrano Avenue, which is a historic district of bungalow courts, and half is on Hobart Boulevard, a street of apartment buildings from the mid-20th century. The project strives to fit into both contexts.
  • The affordable family project is within walking distance to the Western Station on Metro’s Red Line, making it a true contributor to the city’s goal of creating affordable housing in transit oriented communities. The project seeks to enhance the pedestrian connection to the station from the residences.
  • Late in the design process, an existing 1920’s pueblo style house on the site was required to be maintained and integrated into the project. It was moved to the Serrano streetfront where it contributes to the historic district, with the new construction units rising behind it.
NEIGHBORHOOD FAVORITE : Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset

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