February 2, 2018



I remember being at the huge, rowdy grand opening party for the Pacific Electric Lofts in downtown LA, circa 2006. In the middle of the speeches, a city official recognized all the newly moved-in residents in the crowd, and someone yelled out, “Welcome to our home!” That was a revelation for me about architecture.

I love being a part of creating homes for people—the places where they will experience their lives and pursue happiness. I like to think that the places we create play a role in that pursuit – making people’s lives more pleasant, joyful, comfortable or just plain easier as they move through their days. I love collaborating with clients to figure out the puzzle of housing, from the initial concept through funding, design development, and into the details of living units.

An open secret about me is that my first passion was landscape architecture, which was my undergraduate major. I “switched” to architecture for grad school, but the root of my passion was still my driver: how do we experience the spaces of the world, and how do objects – whether a tree, or a wall, or a telephone pole – define the quality of the space and our movement through it. I’m as interested in designing the spaces between buildings and fitting them in their location as I am with the buildings themselves, something that continually vexed my professors in architecture school.

On weekends I tool around the city on my bike quite a bit – exploring the beautiful mess of LA, and looking at how the city functions and flows, parsing its history through landscape features. If I’m near one of KFA’s completed projects, I’ll stop in and poke around to see how it’s being used, and to see what we got right and what we didn’t. About a year after it was finished, I dropped into NoHo Senior Villas, one of my favorite projects, developed with PATH and Clifford Beers Housing for seniors at risk for homelessness. I cajoled my way into the locked building and was able to roam. I was riding up the elevator with a resident and I asked her how she liked living there. She said she loved it, and was able to tell me a few specific things she loved about it – the outdoor spaces being one of them. When I told her I was the architect, she teared up, thanked me, and told me how living there changed her life. That was a moment of true satisfaction with my work.

John joined the KFA team in 1999 and has enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in both LA and KFA’s continuing growth and evolution. John has focused on the full range of multi-family housing types including adaptive reuse projects, hotels, affordable family and senior housing, and market-rate condominiums and apartments. He enjoys working with developers and communities throughout the design process to find the project that best fits each site and meets client goals. John is also an active volunteer in his South LA neighborhood, helping out with planning and historic preservation issues. As time permits, he spends vacations with Habitat for Humanity building homes in India and Sri Lanka.


January 31, 2018



With 20+ projects currently under construction, and over 40 other project in various design stages, 2018 will be an eventful year for KFA. Encompassing mixed-use campuses, multi-family and mixed-use housing, TOC, hospitality, affordable housing, adaptive reuse, creative office and retail, this work represents over 3,300 housing units, 600 hotel keys, and 3,500,000 SF of new construction valued at almost $700,000,000. We look forward to continuing success with our clients, consultants, and communities.

Project Highlights for 2018


NoMad Hotel 
Grand Opening – January 2018
Developed by Sydell Group
165,190 SF / 241 keys

MGA Campus Building D
Construction Begins
March 2018
Developed by Uncommon
222,747 SF / 204 units

The Curve at West Angeles Senior Apartments

Start Construction – April 2018
Developed by West Angeles Community Development Corp.
52,777 SF / 70 units

The Roy @ Overland 
Grand Opening – May/June 2018
Developed by Anejo Development
81,710 SF / 92 units

Multiple Grand – Openings 2018
Developed by Century West Partners
468,000 SF / 494 units

PATH Metro Villas Phase 1 
Grand Opening – July 2018
Developed by PATH Ventures
54,740 SF / 65 units

WHCHC Blue Hibiscus
Grand Opening
July/August 2018
Developed by West Hollywood Community Housing Corp.
26,883 SF / 22 units

MGA Campus Headquarters 
Construction begins – Fall 2018
Developed by Uncommon
258,100 SF

Florence Mills Apartments 
Starts Construction – End of 2018
Developed by Hollywood Community Housing Corp.
127,600 SF / 74 units

Micropolitan at Fairfax 
Grand Opening – December 2018
Developed by Micropolitan LLC
49,338 SF / 63 units


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